It takes more than just good taste for Nesma Orbit to guarantee the quality of its materials and support services. That is why we readily present the work we have done with a long and varied list of discerning clients. From private villas to immense palaces, from chic restaurants to luxurious office settings, from comfortable sanitary facilities to uniquely beautiful outdoor surfaces, we put quality assurance at the top of our list of priorities.

Our clients know and can rest assured that we have the expertise to source and procure the most distinguished materials from leading artisans and manufacturers the world over, names that command the highest respect among international design and construction professionals. Even when dealing with the best, Nesma Orbit makes sure that the materials it is providing are without flaws, traveling to the source to ensure quality.

Our expertise in marble and gemstone is unsurpassed in Saudi Arabia, allowing us to guarantee that the materials we provide are of the highest possible quality.