Why choose Nesma Orbit? While we do not hold a monopoly on the business of decorative expression in Saudi Arabia, those who have worked with us in the past and continue to work with us today are fully aware of the advantages we can bring to their projects. 

With 20 years of experience in the field, Nesma Orbit is recognized first and foremost for its impeccable taste in the type and style of the materials it can offer. Beyond just good taste, however, we have a long and solid track record of providing not just the right materials to designers, architects and builders but the best advice on how to incorporate them into a project’s overall design and goals.

In other words, for a company to be the best in its field, it must provide highly refined services, expertise and products. At Nesma Orbit, this starts by employing the most qualified people available. Our experienced team includes highly skilled architects, engineers, interior designers, procurement specialists and technicians. The Auto Cad department, staffed with engineers and archtets, produces drawings of all kind, including professional sit measurement, as built drawings, detailed shop drawings and cutting lists. It is truly our team’s diversity that ensures clear communication in the trade languages of our varied clientele.

Clients may rest assured that we have the expertise to source and procure the most distinguished materials from the leading artisans and manufacturers, as well as to provide expert advice on materials choice, installation and maintenance. Our products are distinctive in terms of style, cutting-edge innovation and quality of manufacture. And that’s because we have the right team to guarantee these features.